Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 8/1/19

Published on January 9, 2019,

Almost a quarter of our choir members were struck with winter pestilence or post-Christmas lurgy and couldn’t join us at the Church of St Laurence last night. We wish them a speedy recovery and will report the roller-coaster of emotions that was last night’s rehearsal so they don’t feel left out.

St Laurence looked cold and bare, with the Nativity scene packed away until next year, but we added some warmth with the usual exercises and a creditable top G in the vocal work-up.

Seven new members joined us last night. Welcome all – which, as it happened, was the theme of a jolly New Year round which we tackled first.

Then, just as the winter gloom was lifting, came Long Way Home, a traditional song arranged by Graham Pratt. A very accessible song in four parts, with a lovely tune but lyrics that would win a Golden Globe in the despair and doom category. Afterwards, some of the tunes (you know who you are) kept referring to it as the Brexit song but frankly it wasn’t as heart-warming as a good old debate about the European Union. For those not with us last night, lyrics are on the website but no sound files just yet. The parts are fairly straightforward, especially the bass part, so our absent members will catch up easily when they re-join us. Just save a pain-killer from your current stash of medication and consume before singing……

Spirits lifted with a round of Hey Mister Miller. Mr Miller is Glenn not Dusty and the song is a tribute to the big band era and swing. A very syncopated rhythm that caused us a few timing problems when we sang it as a round. But another very accessible song that anyone who missed our rehearsal will pick up quite quickly, should we do this one again.

We finished early and shared food, drink and good company. Many thanks to those who brought goodies and to members of the Catering Committee who arranged industrial quantities of finger food, controlled the scrum at the back of the church and cleared away afterwards.

Next week Carolyn will rehearse two new songs with us (Donal My Own and This Day is Past) and reprise Long Way Home. Thanks to Syd (our website guru), words are in the Current Sound and Lyric Files at https://winchestercommunitychoir.co.uk/members/current-sound-files-lyrics/). Password required.

Finally, Wenda (our illustrious Chair and newly-appointed lost property monitor) has Iris’s green hat and a Tupperware box (belonging to one of our new members?), both left behind last night. Wenda will bring these items of lost property to next week’s rehearsal. Form an orderly queue…..

Best wishes,

Denis Gibson

Membership Secretary

Winchester Community Choir

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