Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 7/5/19

Published on May 8, 2019,

A 75% turnout at rehearsal last night and for the 23 who were ill at home,
surfing in Cornwall or packing to go on holiday, here’s the debrief…

First some notices:

1.    Posters for the 1st June concert with Avanti Dilettanti are
available. Email me if you want a digital copy or collect a printed version
at next week’s rehearsal
2.    Tickets are going reasonably well (they are FREE after all) but we
could do with a further 30 bookings to ensure a full house
3.    Some folk have emailed to volunteer to host the Avantis on their
trip to Portsmouth on Sunday 2nd June. Others have promised to email me.
Fingers tapping on that keyboard, please….

A keenly-focused Carolyn put us through our paces yesterday. Nothing to do,
I suppose, with the fact that this was the first of only three rehearsals in
May before our public concert on 1st June! (Don’t forget that half-term
knocks out Tuesday, 28th May.)

We managed a top G in the warm-up and launched into:

Light from the Lighthouse

Revision of an old favourite for many. Deemed so easy to sing in the past
that sound files were not necessary (which is why you can’t find any on the
website). Fortunately for me and others new to this song,  Carolyn will
produce sound files for Syd to  post. Having said that, our attempt sounded
good. “It’s as if you’ve been singing it forever,” said Carolyn.

Rise the Lark

This is a May song by Cornish singer-songwriter Di Franklin. We gave it a
go. But Carolyn said she will probably leave this out of the concert
programme. Say no more. (Post-rehearsal note: Carolyn confirms that Rise the
Lark is dropped)

Hail Smiling Morn

Timing and dynamics (how loudly or softly we sing) are crucial in this
piece. Carolyn would like us to look at her, with only the occasional glance
downwards to the lyrics or score, so that we can follow her lead.

Singing Bird

An Irish song arranged in three parts by Anna Tabbush. No sound files yet.
There are two melodic lines: A (repeated) and B, as follows:

with some small rhythmic differences when A is repeated . Other learning
points from Carolyn: the final word in the first line of each verse (e.g.
“morn” in verse 1) is held for 3 beats;  keep the beat in the refrain
(melodic line B) – there’s a tendency to go into Val Doonican mode and slow
down on “sing so sweet”. As our music director told us, “There’s a fine line
between romantic and sentimental…” We will rehearse Singing Bird with
Avanti Dilettanti in the afternoon workshop on 1st June and perform it with
them that evening in our concert.

With the demise of Rise the Lark the running order of songs is:

Part 1

One Voice

Come to my window

Wycombe Caning Girl

Moon River

Northamptonshire May Song

This Day is Past

Light from the Lighthouse

Part 2

Blow the Winds I-O

View the Land

Long Way Home

Linden Lea

Donal my Own

Somewhere Along the Road

Hail Smiling Morn

Combined choirs:             

My Singing Bird

German Song     (from workshop)

Erlaube Mir

A note from Carolyn to end with:

I would like to have an extended rehearsal for the next two weeks (until
10pm if necessary.)

Next week I will go through the songs listed in Part 2 of the programme.

Please could WCC members listen to sound files of those songs plus Erlaube
Mir and Singing Bird if time allows.

Following (and final week before concert) I will do songs in Part 1.

Wonderful sounds from WCC last night!

See you next week….

Denis Gibson

Membership Secretary

Winchester Community Choir

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