Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 5/2/19

Published on February 6, 2019,

Dear Choir Member,

Twenty singers couldn’t join us last night due to illness, holidays and missions of mercy. So, for their benefit (and for anyone else who might have dozed off during rehearsal) here’s what happened.

We said hello to three new singers who were trying us out. A warm welcome to them and we hope you enjoyed the session.

It was good to see fellow singers after a three-week unplanned break due to bad weather. And especially good to see Carolyn. As you know the transfer season for choir musical directors is still open. We managed to keep our talented leader despite strong attempts by the Portsmouth Military Wives choir to attract her to Pompey. Carolyn told them that she had an existing Tuesday commitment to another “illustrious” choir and couldn’t take up the offer. Thank you, Carolyn. Reading between the lines, we have a better bass section than they do and that’s what swung it!

Although we were bit rusty after two cancelled rehearsals, we managed a “respectable” top F in the warm up and a quick round of Jubilate Deo, practising our Italianate vowels (=no dipthongs).

After the warm-up we talked the following repertoire:

This day is past
Note these typos in the printed lyrics:
                The first verse, fourth line should read, “We’ll all meet here at each New Year…”
                The chorus, first line should read, “So take your lass and raise a glass”

Carolyn’s advice: sing this song on the vowels (i.e. don’t emphasise the consonants); basso profundos can sing the final F an octave lower; please, Please, PLEASE learn the words of the chorus so that you watch the conductor rather than the printed page. Sound files are on the website

Donal my own
Our first attempt at this Scottish ballad. We learned the parts. Sound files will be available soon. Huru!

Long way home
We’ve had a couple of goes at this and it’s taking shape. Chronic melancholia sufferers are exempt from singing this song. For the rest of us the sound files are up if you need a refresh

Hey Mr Miller
A jolly syncopated round in six parts. No printed lyrics, instantly memorable tune. What’s not to like. A hint (?) that we might be singing this with five other choirs at the Sarah Morgan Foundation concert on 30th June.

Wenda promised an analysis of the recent survey of our emergency messaging arrangements.In a nutshell feedback from members was: rubbish survey (said more politely than that); arrangement for emergency messaging work reasonably well; try and give more notice of cancellations; no enthusiasm for a formal telephone call chain.

See you next week, I hope…….

Best wishes,

Denis Gibson

Membership Secretary

Winchester Community Choir

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