Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 5/11/2019

Published on November 7, 2019,

A 70% turnout at St Lawrence’s for our rehearsal last night. For the sick, carers and others who could not attend (including the one who fell asleep on the sofa at home and could not be roused), here is a debrief. By the way, I appreciate your apologies (when you give them ) and love the more bizarre reasons that keep you away from rehearsals from time to time. I reserve the right to share the more unusual ones with the rest of the choir (probably anonymised to take account of data protection, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act etc.)

Parish notices first. We circulated a tick sheet so that choir members could indicate their availability for carol singing at the following venues:

                The Night Shelter                             on 3rd December at 7:00pm (just before our usual Tuesday rehearsal)

                The Grange Nursing Home           on Sunday, 8th December at 2:00pm

                Moorside Nursing Home               on Sunday, 8th December at 3:30pm

If you missed the tick sheet (‘cos you were away or not sufficiently present on the night) and would like to sing at one or more of these events, please email me to volunteer.

We welcomed back our Music Director. Carolyn returned from the USA on Monday after a successful tour and a gruelling 2,000 miles of inter-State travel. “She’s acquired an American accent ,” commented one of the bases.

Carolyn has prepared a running list of the songs for our Christmas Concert which I will circulate to you soon. She asked us to think about poems and readings that can be included, and great if there’s a thematic link to the songs in the programme. If you have any ideas, email me and I will pass on your suggestions.

Tickets for the Christmas Concert on 10th December will be on sale next week. £7.00 for adults, £5.00 for children (aged 12 and under). Bring your pocket money to rehearsal. First come, first served.


Here’s what we rehearsed:

Wassail the Silver Apple

A little trouble with the Alto part. I think we decided that they sing the middle part on Carolyn’s score. Carolyn will check that the Alto sound file in the member area of our website is correct. I will let you know …..

We were encouraged to learn by heart the words of this song. The lyrics are repetitive and short so that should be do-able. It’s easier then to look up and follow Carolyn’s direction.

In an aside Carolyn declared that she disliked cider and had a bad experience as a student. We’ve all been there Caroline……..


Hampshire Mummers Carol

Our first attempt at this song. Lyrics available on the website but no sound files at the time of writing. This song will end the first half of our programme. Carolyn will send me the score and I’ll copy it to you as soon as it arrives. Simple melodic parts. Try and learn the words.


When the Snows of Winter Fall

Basses have the tune throughout. Other parts come in after the first verse. We reprise the first verse at the end: first two lines in unison; the last three lines in parts.


Hail Smiling Morn

Have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n16WqTrwcUk for a reminder of this one…..


See you next week.



Membership Secretary

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