Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn- 4/6/19

Published on June 5, 2019,

Dear Stars of Stage and Screen,

After a busy weekend for the choir it was back to rehearsal last night, but
with the added excitement of the Annual General Meeting afterwards! Before I
report on that, a few notices.

Firstly, Angus Beaton (our stills photographer at the concert on Saturday)
has delivered 118 images hot off the press this morning. One of the posed
group photos is at the top of this email. He has also captured lots of
lovely candid shots of people at the concert, both choir and audience
members. Syd is busy this week with work and Panda-monium gigs, but will
give us all instruction in how to access these pictures next week. There
will also be the opportunity for you to share your photos of the weekend by
uploading them to the cloud.

Chris Brown, who recorded the concert for us, emailed to say, “….. it was
a very special occasion with the ‘coming together’ concept made real. I must
say your Winchester Choir are so good, fabulous precision and clarity which
was a joy to hear; of course I’m fully aware of Carolyn’s skills in moulding
things but it’s the choir who perform.” Chris’s recordings arrived in the
post this morning. We’ll sync a selection of these tracks with the video and
still images taken at the concert and post them on the choir’s YouTube
channel as soon as we can.

I’m still able to take your memories of the weekend for inclusion in the
“When Avanti Dilettanti came to Winchester” log. Need not be an essay, but
not just photos please (you’ll be able to post those somewhere else when Syd
has told us how to do it). Thanks to all of you who have contributed so far.
Lots of comments about the home team’s performance at the concert. But not
so much about the Avantis. So any memories you have about them at the
concert, their singing, their repertoire etc. would be welcome. Send them to

Our next performance is at the Sarah Morgan Memorial Concert on Sunday, 30th
June, 2:00pm at Winchester Guildhall. A poster for the concert is attached.
Would the social media savvy members of the choir share with friends and
followers, please. The rest of us can print it off, maybe, and stick it in a
window somewhere.

Now, about last night. I was otherwise engaged. I’m indebted to Wenda for
rehearsal notes and Paul for AGM feedback. Here goes:

You rehearsed:

Only remembered

No breathing in the middle of a line. Cheat breathes are allowed.

Not too slow. Comfortable pace.

Three parts: Tops and tune, Alto, Bass

In the 2nd verse, sing on vowels in the phrase “Shall we be missed while…”
to reduce the sssss.

In the 3rd verse, no breaths

Repeat the first verse again, quietly. Final chorus starts really quiet and
building. Learn the words and look.

The Wycombe Caning Girl

Took us a while to get into it

Alto part dropping on the phrase “a bundle of cane”

In the first line of the chorus DON’T catch a breath between “She fairly”
and “won my heart”

More Tune please

Northamptonshire May Song

Faster. More gusto

This day is past

Sense the breathing of person next to you so that you sing together.


Last verse, at the end of the second line, hold onto “mind”


A few highlights from the AGM:

*    In 2018 £3,000 was raised for charity, in 2019 this increased to
£3,265. Overall the choir has raised more than £40,000
*    The members of your committee for the coming year are:

*    Wenda Moroney (Chair and Key Holder)
*    Hazel Chenall
*    Annette Gibson (Booking Secretary)
*    Denis Gibson (Membership Secretary)
*    Syd Meats (Website and related technical things)
*    Paul Montgomery (Vice Chair and Key Holder)
*    Carolyn Robson (Music Director)
*    Sandi Roll
*    Oliver Roots
*    Anna Taylor (Treasurer)

I’ll share the unadopted minutes of the AGM with you once they have been

See you next week.

Denis Gibson

Membership Secretary

Winchester Community Choir

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