Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 4/12/18

Published on December 5, 2018,

Hi everyone,

Last night was our final run-through of everything before the concert next Tuesday.  We had good attendance and from where I was sitting it was all sounding great.  Tickets are nearly all sold so we should have a full house on the night!

We’re pretty much all set for the concert on Tuesday 11 December – as usual on the day we’ll be having a warm up and practice before the audience arrives so Carolyn has asked us to get there at6.30 pm or as soon as possible after that.  This will also be an opportunity for readers to practice with the hand-held microphone.

There’s not any song-specific information to pass on this week, other than a general reminder from Carolyn about starting clearly and strongly at the beginning of lines in songs such as ‘Awake Behold’ and ‘Cherry Tree Carol’.  Also Carolyn has asked us to listen carefully to other parts while singing ‘The Darkling Thrush’ (probably the most tricky song of the evening), to make sure we are all staying in tune with each other.  Carolyn also requested that when singing we don’t fold back performance folders – it looks better if all folders are held open/flat.

Between now and the concert there’s an opportunity to listen to the sound files if there are any parts we’re not 100% confident with – it’s still not too late to do this! 

Concert attire – have a look at some of the pictures on the website if you’re not sure.  The main banner picture on the home page shows this really clearly.  The ‘Performance Wear’ section of the website says the following:

  • Bottom half BLACK (trousers, skirts, dresses)
  • Top half BLACK or SEA COLOURS
  • If black is used for the top half, choir members may like to add a touch of sea colour, in the form of a scarf, tie, cravat, jewellery, etc. This is not obligatory – all black is fine if that’s what you choose.
  • All colours and blacks should all be plain, not patterned

Care home singing:  We’ve started collecting names of choir members who are available to sing on Saturday 15 December at The Grange in St Cross at 2.00 pm, then at Sunrise in Stockbridge Road at 3.15 pm.  We need more people to sign up – we can offer lifts between locations if that helps.  If you haven’t already added your name to the list you can volunteer by replying to this email and/or we’ll be checking availability on Tuesday before the concert.

Until then, keep healthy and drink lots of water (or perhaps try a small-ish port and brandy if you haven’t got to go anywhere).

All the best,


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