Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 24/9/19

Published on October 11, 2019,

66 choir members turned up for our rehearsal last night in the beautiful setting of St Lawrence’s Church, decked out for harvest and looking as lovely as an Alto in its subtle colours and autumnal voices. Anyway, enough of this trying to make amends with the Altos, here’s what we did last night for the benefit of the 32 who were away, lost, ill, working or worse…..


Top G in the warm-up followed by:


Break forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light

Nothing like a bit of Bach to get us going. An “athletic” part for the Basses. All parts please consult the sound files on our website


Copper’s Christmas Song

From the repertoire of an East Sussex family, the Coppers, renowned for several generations of fine singers of traditional songs. A Sussex family, but one of them, Bob Copper, escaped to Hampshire and ran the HH Inn in Cheriton for some years. It wasn’t a success, the pub closed, and the building became a private house and bat sanctuary. The Gibsons viewed the property in 1998 but were rather put off by the occupied bat cages in the master bedroom. But I digress.


Santa Claus is comin’ to Town

We rehearsed the first four stanzas.

[Webmaster’s note – I’ve removed some of Denis’ text here, because it couldn’t be copied over without losing the original formatting.]

When the Basses have the tune, the Tunes, Altos and Tops sing “Oo”s. I wish I could explain it better. But wait for the sound files to be put up.


Masters in this Hall

Sounding good after a few weeks of rehearsal and (thankfully) no debates about the meaning of Old English lyrics this week.


The choir committee is considering another trip to Europe in 2021 (not 2020 as I announced last night). But we’d like to know your opinion on a few matters before we start detailed planning. A brief questionnaire is attached. Please fill it in and return to me by email OR print it off, complete in your best handwriting and bring it to the next rehearsal, OR just send me an email (Subject “Survey” please) answering the questions freestyle. I’ll close the survey at the end of October. So if you haven’t answered by then, your views will not be taken into account and we may well end up on the Isle of Wight instead. You’ve been warned!


Best wishes,


Denis Gibson

Membership Secretary

Winchester Community Choir

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