Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 23/4/19

Published on April 25, 2019,

75% of the choir showed up in daylight for last night’s rehearsal. “Sumer Is Icumen In”. For the 25 people missing here’s the usual debrief.

During a debate on punctuation in The Wycombe Caning Girl our musical Director declared that commas are old-fashioned so as an experiment I won’t be using any in this week’s email. If the experiment is a success I will cut out other punctuation as the weeks progress in an attempt to make these emails shorter.

While we’re on things linguistic I have a confession to make. I have been spelling the name of our visiting German choir incorrectly. They are Avanti Dilettanti with a final “i” not a final  “e”. But apart from that plans for their visit are progressing well. Thanks to all choir members who returned forms with information about  plans for this term.

POINT OF CLARIFICATION…… I should have asked you whether you will be on your own at the Ceilidh on 31st May or whether you will bring a guest which you are very welcome to do. I will assume you are solo unless you email or text me the word “DUO” by close of play on Friday (26th April). We don’t want to underestimate the numbers and run out of edibles at the Ceilidh.

As for last night’s rehearsal Wenda encouraged choir members to think about joining the choir committee. Speak to her or any other member of the committee well before the AGM on 4th June if you’re interested. I presented prizes to the joint winners of the Talents and Virtues of Carolyn Robson competition. Debra Grech was there to receive her bag of sweeties. David D’Arcy-Hughes was away celebrating his 50th Wedding Anniversary but I promised to keep his prize for him until four peckish members of the committee who shall be nameless devoured the lot whilst walking home up the Romsey Road. There you are, the benefits of joining the committee…..

Now for the songs and the key learning points:


The Wycombe Caning Girl

Ignore the comma between lines 2 and 3 of the chorus and DON’T breathe at that point. If you can’t sing the two lines in one breath and have to cheat breathe somewhere else. Altos have a difficult chromatic run on the line “That blue-eyed girl with her hair in curl” but mastered it beautifully. If you’re a missing Alto please revise this using the sound file.


Moon River

Revived from the back catalogue of WCC’s repertoire and a bit rusty. Now in Current Sound and Lyric Files so get revising. Apparently we all have to imagine that we’re Audrey Hepburn and go slightly over the top. I’ve been practising all day.


Erlaube Mir

A little confusion about the parts Altos and Tops were to sing. But all sorted now and the sound files have been updated. In line 3 of the first verse we will sing “Das ich mag dort schauen” (as taught by Avanti Dilettanti when we visited them in Germany two years ago) NOT “Dass ich dort mag schauen” (the version in the Oxford Book of Lieder). This is a lovely bit of Brahms.


Syd has posted words for Singing Bird in Current Sound and Lyric Files and they are  also attached to this email. Please print them and add to your rehearsal folder.


Finally several words about our concert on 1st June. It will be called “Together”. The tickets you have requested will be available for you to collect next week (30th April). If you can’t be there we’ll keep them for you. Tickets are free. If it turns out that you will not need them please let me know so they can be re-allocated.

The 1st June concert will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel. A guy called Chris Brown will manage the sound recording for us. Video recording arrangements are still in the planning stage and will be based on the use of 4 or 5  iPhone cameras and iPads. If you are a keen photographer/video-maker/vlogger or know someone who is then we need some more help and the loan of equipment. Please let me know if you or a family member or a friend can help.

I’m missing the comma already.

Best wishes,

Denis Gibson

Membership Secretary

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