Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 21/5/19

Published on May 22, 2019,

First, the extra parish notices. Winchester Community Choir will be in choir colours for the concert performance on Saturday, 1stJune (not for the workshop unless you want to be). If this is your first performance with the choir or you need to refresh your memory, you can read all about choir colours at https://winchestercommunitychoir.co.uk/performance-rehearsals/

Secondly, Carolyn has asked that WCC members turn up early, before the concert performance on Saturday – at 5:45pm if possible, so that we can warm up before doors open to the public at 6:30pm. If you have a friend or partner in tow, we’ll let them in with you, but probably press them into service (because we need some volunteers to place concert programmes and lyric and translation sheets on chairs, etc.)

Now for last night’s rehearsal. We sang the songs from our first set that opens the concert:


One Voice

This is the opening song and it needs to be punchy. We obviously lacked punch to begin with, but returned to the song later in the rehearsal. Carolyn got a bit arsey (it was an evening of posteriors!). I’ll paraphrase: there are five lines in each verse of this song; three lines in each verse are the same; so we don’t need to look at our words all the time; we can look at our conductor; we are a different choir when we do that. Here endeth the lesson according to choir directors.


Come to my Window

Glorious! Watch Carolyn’s hands to know when to come in. The parts clash when we sing the last line of each verse (e.g. “Pretty love…” in the first verse) the parts are discordant (“clashy”) so intonation needs to be spot on.


Wycombe Caning Girl

We spent a lot of time fitting words to the music in verses  2 and 3 and coming in at the right time when we sing in cannon.


Moon River

Barely disguised surprise from our Music Director when we kept in tune on this one. We practiced repeatedly the bridging “Oo, Oo” between the end of the first verse and its reprise. Got there in the end…..


Northamptonshire May Song

Needs more wellie. Adrenalin rush on the night may provide that!


This Day is Past

Don’t slow up in the chorus until the very end when the last two lines of the last chorus are reprised. Watch Carolyn…


Light from the Lighthouse



Erlaube Mir

We’ll sing this in the workshop. Whether it’s in the concert is a decision on the day


Singing Bird



Final message from Carolyn, just received:


Could all members listen to the sound files to be more secure on entries etc. PLEASE look at me for accurate entries and timing.

Abandon your word files. Trust that you know these songs!


Sounding lovely last night especially when everyone was looking at me!!!


Have a nice break and see you at the Ceilidh, workshop and concert. What a whirl!


Best wishes,



Membership Secretary

Winchester Community Choir

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