Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 19/3/19

Published on March 21, 2019,
Dear Choir Members,
In the continued absence of Denis who is still sunning himself on a beach, here is week 2 from me.
Wenda was not well so Paul took charge . We hope you feel better soon Wenda.
Carolyn warned us all about travelling on the A303 after 2 horrendous journeys in 2 days which had left her feeling quite jaded.  We tried hard to boost her spirits with our fabulous singing and attention to the ‘hands’!
To business:-
We made a good start in learning all the parts to this new piece.  The tunes have the easiest job, as apart from a couple of tricky timing issues at the beginning of two lines, they sing the words as printed and have the most ‘simple’ music.  From my place in the Tunes, we still need to work on the entries,  as not everyone was getting it right.  Tops, Altos and Basses come in after the Tunes and thus have modified words and some quite tricky harmonies.  PLEASE LISTEN TO THE SOUND-FILES ON THE WEBSITE.
As we are now familiar with the music, we worked a lot on tone, intonation and rhythms.  As the Tunes are singing the first verse on their own it is really important that they learn the words of verse 1 so that they can follow Carolyn’s direction.  It made a huge difference when EVERYONE was watching.  
Other guidance :- 
Drop the lower jaw on the low notes ( tears in my eye)
V5 & 6  Gift to the sea /  Boundless and free / Nursing the pain, are all regular ( not dotted)
The instruction to sing ‘ faithful’ in a cockney accent caused the altos to dissolve into a fit of the giggles!
We will be singing this at Sarah’s concert in June.  We are the ONLY choir who will know this piece so it is absolutely vital that we do it well.
We ended the evening with ONE VOICE.
Denis will be back next week so it’s ‘goodbye from me’!
Additional Message from Denis
Now that we have Winchester Universities permission to use its recording of Sarah Morgan’s viva examination in 2014, I have posted two more videos on the choir’s YouTube channel
Carolyn Robson conducts “Rejoice Mankind and Sing” at https://youtu.be/qoCSzam8rYI
Ysanne Bonner teaches “Heigh-Ho, Nobodies Home” at https://youtu.be/pJgbhIr1DrA
‘Bye for now.
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