Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 17/9/19

Published on September 21, 2019,

Dear Hinds,

Sorry I’m a little behind and this debrief is late in getting to you.

Firstly a warm welcome to three new members who have decided to join us after their two trial sessions: Rosaleen (Tune), Christel and Nicola (Altos).

A 74% turnout at choir rehearsal on Tuesday. For the 25 who were ill, working or on the beach in Kernow, here’s the lowdown….

We rehearsed the following songs that we will perform at the City Mill on Sunday:

King Henry’s Three Sons

Each chorus repeats the last lines of the preceding verse. So Carolyn says it should be possible for us to remember the words and look up at her.

Basses resolve to the key note at the end of the last chorus.

You’ve probably corrected your lyrics at rehearsals long past, but just in case:

In the second verse add the word in red:

And the second he was a weaver

And the third he was a tailor

And in the last verse

And the weaver got hung in his yarn


The Penny Wager

In the last verse, first line , the words “stopped” and “night” are clipped with a  small pause after them, as follows:

I stopped ” src=”blob:https://winchestercommunitychoir.co.uk/5219dad4-8953-4379-a13b-2f78d510a4d6″ alt=”Related image” class=”Apple-web-attachment Singleton” style=”width: 0.2187in; height: 0.1666in; opacity: 1;”> that night ” src=”blob:https://winchestercommunitychoir.co.uk/24a7c3bc-2526-4ddf-8a59-7cede7338d78″ alt=”Related image” class=”Apple-web-attachment Singleton” style=”width: 0.2187in; height: 0.1666in; opacity: 1;”> and part of next day

The first verse is repeated at the end PLUS the normal chorus PLUS a coda (the chorus in canon). Watch Carolyn who will bring you in at the right time.

Quote of the night from Carolyn at this point, “Basses, are you happy, despite appearances?”


View the Land

Same as before when we’ve performed this song: first verse in unison then in parts UNTIL the last verse, where the first two lines are in unison and the last two in parts. Repeat the first verse in parts.


Til the Spring

Nothing to report. Reminiscences of John Tams who wrote this song and appeared in Sharpe alongside Sean Bean. Cue swooning amongst the Tunes. (Have I said that before?)


FINALLY for the Christmas concert, our second rehearsal of

Master in This Hall

Don’t breath after “today” but after “sea” in the first verse.


Another venture into etymology – what’s the meaning of “hinds” in verse 5?

Syd Googled again and got “the people behind”. Marion Keen did some post-rehearsal research and came up with one of Chambers’ definitions, that of ” a lowly peasant ” which she thinks is the most likely, given the context. My Shorter Oxford gives the origin as “late Old English hine ‘household servants’, apparently from higna, hina, genitive plural of higan, hiwan ‘family members’” And if you’re still awake……


Next rehearsal (24-Sep) will end with a social. The choir’s catering committee will organise drink. Please would choir members bring finger food to share. Half a dozen new people coming on a trial this evening. I’m sure you’ll make them welcome. I will be on holiday (again). Maggie Rees and Iris Gould will be rapporteurs in my absence. Thank you both.

Performances at the City Mill on Sunday, 22-Sep-2019 at 11:30am (be there for 11:10am) and at 2:30pm (be there for 2:10pm). Please bring your lyrics in alphabetical order. Carolyn will choose a running order on the day. My version of alphabetical order is the song list attached.

Farewell hinds,

Denis Gibson

Membership Secretary

Winchester Community Choir


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