Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 15/10/19

Published on October 17, 2019,

Dear Singers,

A 70% turnout for our rehearsal on Tuesday. For the third (almost) who didn’t come to the party, here’s what you missed.

The usual shoulder and jaw relaxing routines followed by a vocal warm up, reaching the dizzy heights of top G….. And then we rehearsed:

Coppers Christmas Song

Visited The Flowerpots in Cheriton tonight to do further research on Bob Copper’s brief sojourn in the village. The fact that it was curry night was purely incidental. The barmaid remembered Bob Copper’s pub (The HH Inn) and recalls that there were three taverns in the little village when she was a girl. Must have been stiff competition for Bob. Not surprising, then,  that the venture failed and he returned to his roots in Rottingdean and continued to perform and record the Copper family heritage of traditional Sussex songs. Anyway, notes from our rehearsal of this song:

In the current sound and lyric files there are two sound files for each part: one shows how the words of verse 1 fit the notes of each part; the other (with the suffix Vs2) shows how the lyrics of verse 2 fit the notes.

Verse 1 Line 1  “The trees…” – “The” is light – “Thu” rather than “Thee”

                Line 2  Don’t breath after the word “beauty” – anywhere else but not after “beauty”

                Line 4  Don’t breath after the second “are”

Verse 2 Line 4 The Basses sing “…lift their footsteps sure, lift their footsteps sure” – i.e. leave out the first two words of the printed lyrics for this line.

Santa Claus is comin’ to Town

Carolyn described this as the men’s Bing Crosbie moment. She wanted us to be more elastic! Gill and Linda in the Tunes wanted us to dress for the occasion with top hats and walking canes. Don’t be silly. We men have mastered the art of doing our shoe laces up; most of us manage to get choir colours right on the night; but there is a limit to our wardrobe resources and costume skills….


First refrain, Line 3 “Santa Claus is comin’ to town” – “comin’“ is clipped, don’t hang on to the note;

Similarly, in the second refrain beginning “Oh!, you better watch out…” – “Oh!” is clipped.


And then some parish notices from Wenda and Carolyn:


Carolyn is off to the States. Ysanne Bonner will lead the session next Tuesday and we’ll continue to rehearse our Christmas repertoire with her.


Please don’t forget to respond to the brief survey about our possible European travels in 2021 if you haven’t done so already. The survey is attached (again) for ease of reference. Please fill it in and return to me by email OR print it off, complete in your best handwriting and bring it to the next rehearsal, OR just send me an email (Subject “Survey” please) answering the questions freestyle.


‘Bye for now,


Denis Gibson

Membership Secretary

Winchester Community Choir





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