Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 14/5/19

Published on May 16, 2019,

A low turnout last night with only 66% of the choir available to rehearse.

If we ran a competition for the most interesting excuse for not coming to a choir rehearsal, there would be a rollover most weeks. Last night though, we hit the jackpot. Here’s the apology verbatim, “I’m afraid that I will not be able to attend the rehearsal tonight as I need to work on a cake tonight (a replica of St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow) and I am not going to get it finished in time…..” Some cake, eh? Well, it is. Here in all its glory:

Details of the lucky 17 year old who will get this masterpiece on his birthday have been cropped to protect the innocent. By the way, in case you’re worried, I don’t normally demand photographic evidence of reasons for not showing up on a Tuesday night. That could be embarrassing for all of us. But this is used with permission of Catherine Bussey at Cake Craze who sings with the Tops.


Last night we rehearsed the repertoire for Part 2 of our 1st June concert.


Blow the Winds, I-O

Some work on the bass part. The phrase in the chorus “by the morning train” progress up the scale for the basses. The chorus ends on the key note; the first not in the following verse start a Third above.


View the Land

Just a reminder: first verse is in unison in its entirety; verses 2-5 in parts; verse 6 in unison in the first 2 lines then in parts; we repeat the first verse but in parts. Verse 3 sung quietly. Verse 4 sung angrily. And overall, sing this song as you would recite a poem to give it shape. Emphasise the important words, e.g. Bright in the sky


Long Way Home

We will repeat the chorus at the end. Watch Carolyn in the penultimate line, “Tired and cold facing the world alone”. She will slow down and hold on to the word “alone”. Cheer up…..


Linden Lea

We must know the words by now, so look at Carolyn to get the pace at which she will take this tune. Especially at the beginning of the piece. The last verse is bullish. Give it some wellie.


Donal My Own

Some lovely, haunting hurus


Somewhere Along the Road

We reduced Carolyn to tears at the end of this one – in a good sort of way (I think).


Hail Smiling Morn

Two tricking entries for the basses at the end with the repeated phrase “Darkness flies away”. On to the sound files, chaps.


Singing Bird

A quick fly past on this one. We will sing this with our German guests and rehearse it in the workshop on the afternoon of Saturday, 1st June.


Erlaube Mir

Ditto. Well, I was getting tired and didn’t make a note….


Finally, the time is 15AD. That is 15 days before Avanti Dilettanti arrive by coach in Winchester. Thank you to all those choir members who have volunteered to host various tours and trips that weekend. Hosts, I will email you all early next week with the final numbers and arrangements. Thanks to those who volunteered to join the catering team. It looks like Gerry Bracey has a full crew. And we have stewards in place….. We’re struggling a little with how to stage the choirs during the concert so that everyone can see the conductor(s), particularly when we perform together as almost 100 voices. If you have a conductor’s podium at home, or you work in a school (say) that has portable staging that we could borrow or hire, please let me know. Failing structural solutions, Carolyn will become very directive and tell you exactly where to go…… (so that you can see her and she, you).


Final call for ticket requests before we put them out to the public. We have 20-30 seats left.


Until next week….


Denis Gibson

Membership Secretary

Winchester Community Choir







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