Notes from Rehearsal with Carolyn – 12/11/19

Published on November 13, 2019,

Dear Hollies and Ivies,

69% of the choir worked hard on some new material last nigh in rehearsal. We missed the 30 members who couldn’t make it. No fun excuses this week (at least not that I feel able to share with you) but sadly lots of people saying “Worked stopped play”.

Here’s what we did…

We stretched from a bottom F to a top G in the warm up, then straight into:

Wassail the silver apple
The Alto part on the website has been revised and is now definitive! A plea from Carolyn to learn the words so we can watch her.

The holy and the ivy
Here’s Carolyn’s summing up of this song: “A predictable Bass part and a typical Alto part where you have only one note. The Tops have a pièce de résistance.”

A correction to the printed lyrics (and to the sound files): the second stanza (which is the chorus) begins “O the rising of the sun….”

All the verses are sung in unison. The first line of the chorus is in unison and the remaining lines in four parts.

It’s on the website now, so please do your homework.

Did you know that the theme of this 19th century carol harks back to much older songs in which holly and ivy are the traditional emblems of man and woman – Holly and his merry men and Ivy and her maidens?

Ceremonies for Christmas
This will be our encore at the end of the concert. Apparently we did it last year but if you were AWOL like me last Christmas, then we’d better do some homework on the sound files.

While shepherds watched
Sung to the tune Barwick Green – the theme music to the long-running BBC Radio 4 soap opera The Archers. The sound files are up.

Break forth o beauteous heavenly light
A bit of a refresher for the Basses as it’s a tricky part.

Mummers’ Carol
Sound files are on the website and I circulated the score (attached to my email dated 11-Nov-2019).

Tickets were on sale for our Christmas concert. Get your order in next week if you didn’t buy for friends and family last night. I attach a poster for the concert. Please use it in social media (if you’re a social media user) or print it to display in your window, the corner shop, your allotment noticeboard etc. The poster prints best on A4 slightly glossy everyday photographic paper, but a light card will do. Ordinary-weight copy paper produces rather disappointing results because of the density of ink. I will bring some printed copies to next weeks rehearsal if you don’t have success with DIY printing.


Best wishes,

Denis Gibson

Membership Secretary

Winchester Community Choir

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