Carolyn’s Notes for Virtual Rehearsal 9 – 9/6/20

Published on June 8, 2020,

Dear Choir members

It is the month of June, The month of leaves and roses,
When pleasant sights salute the eyes and pleasant scents the noses.
Nathaniel Parker Willis

We are now in Week 9 can you believe! You will never guess what I have been doing today! Looking at Christmas music! Yes, that’s right! But I won’t start just yet you will be delighted to hear. So here are yet more summer songs and rounds to be going on with.


Our lovely cat which the grandchildren named ‘Dizzie’ has left us. Actually he wasn’t technically our cat. He belonged 3 doors down from us but regarded our garden as his patch! That is until we abandoned him and went to New Zealand for a month. Since then he has switched allegiance and no longer visits. He was an amazing ‘ratter’ and I noticed we appear to have a lovely little family of mice in the wood pile outside the back window. Come back, Dizzie, all is forgiven! He frequently left us ‘presents’ outside the back door! All dead fortunately but some very large rodents!

Warm up

I am abandoning the warm up for this week. You have lots of exercises for those dedicated enough to go through them. But I suspect many of you have better things to do in lockdown! But I suggest you still try to focus on using the diaphragm! So straight on to the round I mentioned last week.

Round: Turkey Rhubarb

Turkey Rhubarb, Turkey Rhubarb, Turkey Rhubarb I sell
I come here from Turkey to make you all well
If you don’t know me, my name it is Dan
And I am the celebrated Turkey Rhubarb Man.


Have managed to offload several tomato plants, you will be delighted to hear. Have picked lots of strawberries (have to be quick before the wood lice get them; incidentally do you call them ‘slaters’ in these parts?) I don’t think I mentioned the peppers which, as well as the cucumbers, now have flowers!

Song list

Hope you all enjoyed ‘Rose in June’!
The other songs from this term are Brand New Day, Bushes and Briars, Cuckoo in April, Wild Geese, Harbour, Hal an Tow, Rise the Lark, Good Morning Lords and Ladies, The Woodford May song as well as various rounds and all now on the website for you to sing along to! So this week’s song is one which many of you will already know. But there are always some new people in the choir who may not have come across this one yet! Down the Lane is another song from the village of Axford collected by George Gardiner from Sarah Goodyear, one of five women from whom he collected 180 songs. This was one arranged by Craig Morgan Robson about lost love! But at least it happened on a fine summer’s morning! This is in 3 parts so the tune is sung by both the tunes (sopranos) and tops (tenors).

New Song: Down the Lane


It has been lovely to sit in the gardens of my children and grandchildren. I expect you too will have enjoyed being together with your families! I had a funny phone conversation with my elderly mother (aged 90) in Northumberland the other day. She had been for a walk and collapsed on the grass. So she is worried about going out for walks on her own. I remembered there being an exercise bike in the summer house so suggested she went on that to exercise her leg muscles. So she phoned my sister to ask her to check the bike and see if it was in working order. My sister was aghast at the idea of mother riding along the road when she could hardly walk. Apparently the exercise bike was long gone and the bike in the shed was my sister’s touring bike! Perish the thought!
Keep safe and well!

Carolyn 8 June 2020

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