Carolyn’s Notes for Virtual Rehearsal 13 – 7/7/20

Published on July 8, 2020,

Dear Choir members

Remember that you are this universe, and this universe is you!

                                                               Joy Harjo, Native American writer


Here we are at Week 13, our final week before the summer holidays!

I have really enjoyed writing these rehearsal notes and trying to keep in touch with you all. I hope that you are, and will continue, to survive these difficult days until we can meet again and make wonderful music!

A lovely thing happened recently! I was a student at the Royal Academy of Music in London in the early seventies but I shared a house with a whole load of geophysicists who were doing PhDs at Imperial College, as it happened. They went on to find jobs all over the world and most have settled and retired in far flung places including Perth, (Australia), Victoria, (Vancouver Island), Austin (Texas), Nova Scotia, N Ireland and London. One of them, originally from Keighley, Yorkshire, but now living in Austin, arranged a zoom meeting for us all on Friday. It was amazing! Some of us had not met since student days! The delights of modern technology!

One positive outcome from this virus might be that more people are able to work from home, via zoom meetings etc. thereby saving time, money and the planet!


Warm up

So continue with your physical warm ups and vocal 4 notes up and down scales to different vowel sounds. If you don’t have time or inclination for warm ups, then remember to start off gently.

The round this week is possibly the earliest surviving English song dating back to the 13th century.


Round:  Sumer is icumin’ in


Sumer is icumen in, lude sing cucu

Groweth sede and bloweth mead and springs the wood  anew

Sing cu-cu.

Yow now bleteth after lamb, loweth after calve cu

Bullock starteth, buck now verteth, merrye sing cu-cu.

Cu-cu, cu-cu, well singest thou cu-cu, nor swick tha naver nu!



Peppers coming along nicely; peas ready; strawberries finished for now;

lettuces delicious and colourful; courgettes, carrots and potatoes in abundance! And lots more root vegetables coming along ready for autumn.


Song list

Hope you all enjoyed learning or revising ‘The Rose, the Rue’.

This week’s song is familiar to all but I thought we could remember the times when we have sung together in harmony and enjoy a good sing!  I have done a multitrack version for you all to sing along to. I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all your website managers who do a fantastic job of loading all these sound files and rehearsal notes onto the websites.


New Song: Unison in Harmony



We had our wonderful family reunion on Sunday! It is so delightful to be able to get together again with the people you love most in the world.

Grandchildren have been round in our garden eating the peas and carrots like there’s no tomorrow! I will definitely have to expand the veg garden to plant more next year to keep up with their voracious appetites. Gannets!  

At the end of this week’s rehearsal notes again I have included a list of the rounds and songs we have covered during this lockdown period so lots to draw upon when we resume; now numbering 11 rounds and 15 songs in total!

So have a lovely summer break and who knows! We may be able to meet in person in September! Here’s hoping! As always stay safe and well!


Carolyn          6 July 2020




 Welcome the summer

Come follow follow

Turkey Rhubarb

Hey Ho to the greenwood

Spring shall surely come again

Now all the woods are waking

As I me walked

Spotted snakes

Let in the spring

Laughing over the world

Sumer is i’ cumin’ in



 The Bonny Hawthorn

Brand New Day

Bushes and Briars

Cuckoo in April

Wild Geese


Hal an Tow

Rise the Lark

Good Morning Lords and Ladies

The Woodford May song

Rose in June

Down the Lane

Polly Vaughan

The Rose, the Rue

Unison in Harmony

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