Carolyn’s Notes for Virtual Rehearsal 12 – 30/6/20

Published on June 29, 2020,

Dear Choir members

A quote for these, and all, times:

Opinions alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, but the moral laws are written on the tablets of eternity. ~ James Anthony Froude



My mum has been sorting through some of her old photos and found one of me aged 3 or 4 in a fancy dress competition. I went as a French onion boy and actually won it, only to be disqualified when they discovered that I was a girl posing as a boy. The prize that I would have won was a gardening set (even then I loved gardening!) So my parents bought me a gardening tool set to compensate. That’s where the seeds were sown, so to speak! (Sorry!)


Warm up

Suffering from backache this week but not from shoulder rolls in warm ups. I carried a shopping bag that was too heavy! Serves me right! I have been meeting with small groups of singers over the past two weeks but we have not been blowing raspberries deliberately to avoid spreading particles. So continue with your physical warm ups and vocal 4 notes up and down scales to different vowel sounds.

You may remember the little octave scale one that goes:


Moses sup – poses his – toeses are – roses but –

Moses sup – poses err – oneous – ly!

Nobody’s – toeses are – posies of – roses As

Moses sup – poses his – toeses to – be.


The first two lines ascend the scale: change to next higher pitch at each hyphen. The following two lines descend the scale.


Round:  Laughing over the world


Laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing

Comes the summer over the world.

Over the world comes the summer, laughing,

Laughing over the world.



 Talking of raspberries, I am enjoying mine right at this moment!

Cucumbers coming out of my ears (food for thought!)

Peppers coming along nicely; peas almost ready; strawberries finished for now;

lettuces delicious and colourful; courgettes starting now; carrots and potatoes getting there! And lots more root vegetables coming along ready for autumn.


Song list

It is now the penultimate session, Week 12!

Hope you all enjoyed singing ‘Polly Vaughan’ whether as a ‘revived 45’ or as a new addition to your repertoire. This week’s song is new for some and familiar for others but multi track versions are being loaded onto your websites.


New Song: The Rose, the Rue



With the easing of some lockdown restrictions we as a family (10 of us) are meeting for lunch outdoors in a lovely pub in Sussex at the weekend!  Like many of you, we have been separated for what seems like an age! I know that some choir members are meeting in small groups of 6 in the open air to sing and try to keep both spirits up and momentum going. Before too long we may be able to meet in slightly higher numbers. I know choir committees are meeting to work out ways of getting us back together hopefully next term in one form or another, in smaller groups, or even half at a time alternating weekly; hiring bigger venues for social distancing or looking at outdoor spaces etc. If you have any ideas, I am sure they would like to hear from you!


At the end of this week’s rehearsal notes I have included a list of the rounds and songs we have covered during this lockdown period so lots to draw upon when we resume; 10 rounds and 14 songs to date in all!


As always stay stay safe and well!


Carolyn          29 June 2020





Welcome the summer

Come follow follow

Turkey Rhubarb

Hey Ho to the greenwood

Spring shall surely come again

Now all the woods are waking

As I me walked

Spotted snakes

Let in the spring

Laughing over the world





The Bonny Hawthorn

Brand New Day

Bushes and Briars

Cuckoo in April

Wild Geese


Hal an Tow

Rise the Lark

Good Morning Lords and Ladies

The Woodford May song

Rose in June

Down the Lane

Polly Vaughan

The Rose, the Rue

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