Carolyn’s Notes for Virtual Rehearsal 11 – 23/6/20

Published on June 22, 2020,

Dear Choir members

A Haitian proverb this week:

“People who share with others are seldom hungry!”

It is very uplifting to see how communities have come together in the face of adversity. I love the fact that people I pass on the road on my daily walk almost all say hello. Complete strangers with a common goal!
It is now Week 11!

Warm up

Once again look back over the other notes from previous weeks for warm up ideas. I have not been doing shoulder rolls for a long time and found that my trapezius muscles are really very stiff. So good to do these or massage them gently for all sorts of reasons, as well as singing.

Here is a delightful little summer round written by Sarah Morgan!

Round: Welcome the summer

Now blossom shines on spray,
Now birds carol in the day.
Now all creatures in their way
Welcome the summer.


That round reminds me of how lovely it is to see the robin in the bird bath and the bullfinches nesting in the hedge.

Garlic now strung up drying for another week or two. Picked first cucumber this week. Strawberries almost finished but raspberries coming on. Lovely colourful lettuces. French beans seem to have survived the nibbling by deer. Peas swelling! Courgettes almost ready (though I know I will be sick of them before too long!) Potatoes won’t be long either!

I am reading a novel by Jenny Patrick, a New Zealand writer, called Heart of Coal, about the Denniston coal mines which I visited when I was there in January (which seems years ago!) It is now a museum, on the west coast of South Island, and well worth visiting if you are over there. When I was last in NZ in 2009 I bought the first of this series called Denniston Rose so I was keen to buy the sequel. So my new word of the week is TERMAGANT! Never heard this before! (Though I imagine the erudite WCC members may have!)

Song list

Hope you all enjoyed ‘The Bonny Hawthorn’!
The other songs from this term are Brand New Day, Bushes and Briars, Cuckoo in April, Wild Geese, Harbour, Hal an Tow, Rise the Lark, Good Morning Lords and Ladies, The Woodford May song, Rose in June, Down the Lane as well as various rounds and all now on the website for you to sing along to! Again this week’s song is one which some of you will already know, Polly Vaughan. Another song arranged and recorded by Craig Morgan Robson (Stranded CD) collected by George Gardner from William Bone in the village of Medstead near Alton. It was also recorded by Alton Community Choir on their CD ‘Sing Out!’ A midsummer song in which someone does die this time, sadly! But in precarious circumstances! Her true love mistakes her for a swan and shoots her. A likely story! Besides, even in those days, I am sure killing swans, as now, was quite illegal. This is again in 3 parts with the tune in the middle sung by both the tunes (sopranos) and altos.

New Song: Polly Vaughan


This week has been a real turning point in the coronavirus lockdown saga. We have been able to meet with family / friends in groups of six. As a result, I have been able to resume rehearsals (outdoors and adhering to strict social distance regulations) with small groups of five people in Take Note, my chamber choir (which is comprised of 15 members). I had three rehearsals last week, the rehearsal on Wednesday being accompanied by thunder and lightning! The dedication is such that not even torrential downpours can dampen our spirits. It has been therapeutic! I hope that it won’t be too long before we too are able to resume rehearsing in some form or another. Meanwhile keep safe and well!

Carolyn 22 June 2020

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